Beyond Liberals


Does Tiger Woods have the right to be attracted to whatever sort of woman he’s attracted to? Not in the racist minds of liberals like Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post.

Here’s my real question, though: What’s with the whole Barbie thing?

No offense to anyone who actually looks like Barbie, but it really is striking how much the women who’ve been linked to Woods resemble one another. I’m talking about the long hair, the specific body type, even the facial features. Mattel could sue for trademark infringement.

If Woods had only had affairs with dark skinned black women with big hair, would we be entitled to ask what was wrong with him?

But the world is full of beautiful women of all colors, shapes and sizes — some with short hair or almond eyes, some with broad noses, some with yellow or brown skin. Woods appears to have bought into an “official” standard of beauty that is so conventional as to be almost oppressive.

There are many patterns that appear in the qualities of the women Tiger is alleged to have bedded. To view them only through the lense of race represents the sort of narrow minded bigotry that liberals are expert at: consider Harvard Profiling Professional Skip Gates, who said he knew he was in danger when he saw a white cop on his door step.

His taste in mistresses leaves the impression of a man who is, deep down, both insecure and image-conscious — a control freak even when he’s committing “transgressions.”

The pattern I see in the women Tiger is linked to is tackiness. But that’s just me. Liberals are taught, and they seem to believe, that racial distinctions trump all others – even when it comes to sexual desire! Jeff Jacoby writes in the Boston Globe:

Few cultural ideas are more pernicious than the race fetish – the regard for skin color or ethnicity as the most significant factor in human behavior. Few falsehoods have caused more misery.

The good news is that except for the racists in the Democratic Party, there is nary a mention, let alone any outrage, over the idea that the Black Man is sleeping with the White Women – or, indeed, over the idea that he’s married to a White Woman. Listen to the shrugging shoulders across the land. This thought comes from John McWhorter in New Republic.

The pursuit of happiness is antithetical to hunkering behind the barricades of wary, defensive ethnic separatism when the times no longer require it. Pretending that they do denies what the Civil Rights heroes of yore devoted their lives to giving us all.

It is time for Americans to learn that we can never move beyond race until we move beyond liberals. Stop voting for Democrats.

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