Buy-In Sold


The Medicare Scam, announced last week as part of a compromise replacement of the Public Option is now reportedly off the table, killed by Connecticut almost Democrat Joe Lieberman (see next post down.)

Senate Democrats emerged from a special caucus meeting Monday night determined to pass a health-care bill by Christmas — but without the Medicare buy-in plan that liberals had sought as an alternative to a government insurance option.

The Medicare buy-in was one of the more ridiculous of the twisted ideas in the health care bill, a major expansion of the program that is slated to be cut by $500 billion under an unlikely plan to use that money to pay for health care socialization, even as Medicare heads quickly towards insolvency.

The Medicare buy-in was never warmly embraced by moderate Democrats, but independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman(Conn), whose vote is needed to break a GOP filibuster, appears to have dealt the proposal a mortal blow when he informed Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nev.) on Sunday that he wouldn’t support the buy-in plan in any form.

Democrats will do anything, say anything, and vote for anything to get this bill passed. Policy consequences are of little concern now – all they care about is the politics. Have we ever seen such an irresponsible congress?

In the Monday evening meeting, Reid urged Democrats to accept political reality and move the $848 billion bill across the finish line without the proposal.

“It appeared that would be necessary,” Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), a moderate, said in response to a question about whether the Medicare expansion would be dropped as he left the caucus.

“To use an old cliche, the general consensus was we shouldn’t make the perfect the enemy of the good,” Bayh said.

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