Bewitched & Bewildered


David Axelrod was humiliated by his liberal friends on MSNBC this morning – so he called in to try to stem the tide of criticism! To hear the guy who runs the country reduced to a spontaneous MSNBC debate with Ed Schultz is an incredible moment in presidential history!

Al Franken, meanwhile, was throwing his weight around in the senate, pissing off John McCain for his dissing of Joe Lieberman. The video is fascinating.

And Howard Dean had an op-ed in the Washington Post today saying what he’s been announcing on all the talking head shows – that this bill isn’t worth passing.

I know health reform when I see it, and there isn’t much left in the Senate bill. I reluctantly conclude that, as it stands, this bill would do more harm than good to the future of America.

Leftists at the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Move On and elsewhere are rising up against Obama Care, even as Nancy Pelosi petulantly announces that it can’t pass for another month even if the senate pulls in Ben Nelson and gets a measure passed next week.

It’s all part of the unraveling of Hope and Change.

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