Climate Compassion


One of the cool things we’ve learned about Democrats in the first year of the Obama presidency is that they’re not all that worried about Climate Change.

After a stormy session in Copenhagen, in which a vociferous anti-American minority brought the talks close to collapse, most countries agreed simply to “take note” of a watered-down agreement brokered by President Barack Obama and supported by Britain.

Didn’t Democrats watch Al’s movie? You would think that upon their complete takeover of the lawmaking process, nothing would have taken precedence for the party of compassion over saving humanity from a self-induced Armageddon.

This accord — which had been drawn up in discussions with China and 30 or so other countries on Friday — sets a target of limiting global warming to a maximum of 2C above pre-industrial times.

Instead of using his political capital to save the planet, Barack decided a trip to the candy store was more important – to buy what Democrats lust for most – the sweet taste of millions of new federal workers. That’s what the march toward socialized medicine is about on a structural level.

Critics pointed out, however, that the agreement failed to say how this limit on rising temperatures would be achieved. It pushed into the future decisions on core problems such as emissions cuts, and did not specify where a proposed $100 billion (£62 billion) in annual aid for developing nations would come from.

Based on what liberals believe, ignoring Global Warming in favor of socializing medicine is like ignoring your baby’s dangerous fever while you put an addition on the house! It’s incomprehensible. If they did see “An Inconvenient Truth,” they apparently didn’t believe it. Or maybe they don’t have much empathy after all.

Jeremy Hobbs, executive director of Oxfam International, dismissed it as “a triumph of spin over substance. It recognises the need to keep warming below 2C but does not commit to do so. It kicks back the big decisions on emissions cuts and fudges the issue of climate cash”.

Now, what was just 9 months ago an overflowing well of power for the Democrats has been largely spent, and it’s been invested in a Public Option which sees a fast shrinking chance of passing. In the desperate condition of the White House today, the president will sign whatever garbage congress passes in order to “save” his presidency.

The deal was denounced when put early yesterday to a plenary session of the conference after Obama and other heads of state had flown home.

The just completed climate conference in the region that loves to humiliate the President turned into near slap-stick, with the president cobbling together a phony agreement that wasn’t adopted – a bone to throw to his liberal base, which will soon be overwhelmed with how dumb they were in supporting Hope and Change – if they haven’t figured it out already.

Delegates from Sudan, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia — who form an anti-American front — led the attack.

If you’re part of the Daily Kos,, Huffington Post, pro illegal immigration base of the party, you know that it was your rejection of Hillary for being too mainstream, too business as usual, that tilted the nomination to Barack. Imagine how much anger you’ll be expressing next year when you tally up the magnitude of the betrayal – no 16 month troop drawdown in Iraq, no Cap and Trade in the senate, only tepid immigration reform if Obama dares to broach the subject at all, and no Card Check for the Democrats’ union partners.

A Sudanese delegate, Lumumba Di-Aping, caused uproar when he compared the plan with the Holocaust. It was, he said, “a solution based on the same very values, in our opinion, that piled 6m people into furnaces in Europe”.

Instead of pushing eagerly for the radical agenda longed for by the people who put him in power, Obama will be laying low as soon as the health care disaster is over, trying to minimize the losses of his party during next year’s midterm elections. He owes Congress that after forcing them to support a health care bill that is opposed by two thirds of the American people.

“The reference to the Holocaust is … absolutely despicable,” said Anders Turesson, Sweden’s chief negotiator.

That means no new spending, cutting budgets and focusing on jobs – something the White House should have done during 2009 instead of spending recklessly while squandering the President’s goodwill for the Public Option. And if they really believe Al Gore, saving the planet should have been Job One.

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