Heck of a Job


A respected Nigerian business leader goes to the U.S. embassy six months ago and says he’s concerned about his son’s radical beliefs, also reporting him to Nigerian security officials.

The young man in question – Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab – is the son of Alhaji Umaru Mutallab, a former Nigerian minister and bank chairman. Half a year ago, he became suspicious of his son’s religious beliefs and reported his activites to the US Embassy and Nigerian security services.

Last week, the father again contacts security agencies to express concern that his son may be traveling to Yemen.

On Saturday, Mutallab left his home in Katsina, Nigeria to speak with security agencies. He indicated that his son left London, where he was an engineering student, to travel. He said he did not know where he intended to go. He said that he believed he might have gone to Yemen, “but we are investigating to determine that.”

Was Abdul Mutallab’s visa to visit the U.S. canceled? Nope. Was he put on the no-fly list? Nope. All they did was put him on a watch list of 550,000 people. Is Janet Napolitano impressed with the way the government responded? Very!

“You have to understand that you need information that is specific and credible if you are going to actually bar someone from air travel,” Ms. Napolitano said on CNN. “He was on a general list, which over half a million people — everybody had access to it. But there was not the kind of credible information, in the sense derogatory information, that would move him up the list.”

A father reporting his son for being a potential terrorist would seem enough to warrant some investigating, which would have revealed cause enough to cause his visa to be canceled! The Brits are not so dumb as the U.S. government. As our closest allies in the war on terror, why didn’t we cancel Mutallab’s visa when they did?

Watching Secretary Napolitano on “This Week” should be enough to give any American palpitations over the idea of having bureaucrats in Washington controlling their health care. The institutional stupidity seems unchangeable.

On CNN this morning, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said that prior to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s attempt to blow up a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day, “the system worked.” As recounted by Politico’s Jonathan Martin, she then added that there was “no suggestion that [Abdulmutallab] was improperly screened.”

Republican Rep. Peter King said Sunday on CBS’ “Face The Nation” that the attempted terrorist attack aboard a Delta/Northwest flight on Christmas Day shows “the system did not work,” despite comments made by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano.

And today, another incident on the same route, as a Nigerian man locks himself in the bathroom and doesn’t come out!

The Transportation Safety Administration said in a statement that it had been alerted to a “disruptive passenger on board” Flight 253. The T.S.A. said that the flight landed safely at Detroit International Airport at approximately 12:35 p.m. Eastern “without incident.”

You’re doing a heck of a job, Barry.

One Response to “Heck of a Job”

  1. 1 kathy

    I watched her this morning and was in awe as she was inable to answer the simplest of questions. He must of picked of his whole cabinet as to how much weed they can smoke when they have meetings. This lady has no clue.

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