Terrorfying Mistakes


Barack has set himself up for electoral trouble by following the liberal approach to the war on terror. The response to the BVD Bomber, along with moving Guantanamo terrorists to Illinois and returning detainees to Yemen even as we bomb terrorists there, will haunt him and his party for many years to come.

“Shockingly, yesterday morning, Barack Obama‘s Homeland Security Secretary went on TV and said ‘the system worked’! They just don’t get it.

Michigan Congressman Peter Hoekstra is running for governor, and he’s taking full advantage of the political fuel provided by the Obama administration.

The system didn’t ‘work’ here. Far from it! It is insulting that The Obama administration would make such a claim, but then again, these are the same weak-kneed liberals who have recently tried to bring Guantanamo Bay terrorists right here to Michigan!” the letter reads. “My promise to you, as your governor, my first duty and most solemn responsibility is to keep Michigan safe!”

This is just one example of the opportunity Republicans have been given to remind voters that Democrats view PC values as more important than defending the country. That’s a layup for the GOP.

Hoekstra has raised his profile following the Dec. 25 incident, appearing repeatedly on national news channels to blast the Obama admin. for their weak response. On Tuesday, he appeared on CBS’s “The Early Show” and said terrorism prevention systems failed at 3 specific points, including at the U.S. Embassy in Nigeria, where the suspect’s father warned officials his son had become radicalized.

The big risk for the left of the Obama years will be that Americans finally realize when you vote for Democrats, you vote for liberalism. Americans are logical people, so they find liberalism distasteful. Consider this story, about government workers inventing clever ways to help people break into the country across the Mexican border.

Faculty at University of California, San Diego are developing a GPS-enabled cell phone that tells dehydrated migrants where to find water and pipes in poetry from phone speakers…

Yup, poetry over speakers in the dessert to guide illegals to assistance breaking in, paid for with tax dollars. It makes perfect sense to liberals, but not to normal people.

The effort is being done on the government’s dime – an irony not lost on the designers whose salaries are paid by the state of California. “There are many, many areas in which every American would say I don’t like the way my tax dollars are being spent. Our answer to that is an in-your-face, so what?” says UCSD lecturer Brett Stalbaum, 33, a self-described news junkie who likens his role to chief technology officer.

Liberals love headlines that Americans hate. Like this one.

The birth mother of a 7-year-old Virginia girl must transfer custody of the child to the woman’s former lesbian partner, a Vermont judge has ruled.

These types of stories concern us regular folk, concerned over the deliberate dismantling of organized society. We wonder about why liberals can’t see the obvious, just as we wonder about Democrats when the president responds to an attack by an Islamic extremist – part of an organized war against the United States – like it’s a fluky event for the cops to handle.

“This incident demonstrates that an alert and courageous citizenry are far more resilient than an isolated extremist,” he said.

Today, he’s talking a little smarter. Only took 4 days to get it right.

“It’s essential we diagnose the problems quickly,” he said, interrupting his vacation for a second consecutive day to address the incident, with more anger this time directed at the flaws in the U.S. system.

“What’s also clear is this: When our government has information on a known extremist and that information is not shared and acted upon as it should have been … a systemic failure has occurred. And I consider that totally unacceptable.”

Terrorists trained by al Qaeda in Yemen for several months aren’t isolated extremists. Neither are liberals.

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