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How ironic is this? Riding the coattails of JFK, Republican Scott Brown is threatening to surprise Democrats in Massachusetts and win the senate seat occupied by Ted Kennedy for 47 years! A new Rasmussen poll reveals that voters just aren’t happy with Democrat Martha Coakley. Twenty-one percent (21%) of those likely to vote in the […]

Seizmic Shift


If Republican State Senator Scott Brown can win the special election to take over the old Ted Kennedy senate seat, it will shake national politics to the core. The 60 votes available for the Obama administration to armtwist into supporting the unpopular health reform bill, for example, would be gone. Today, a new poll shows […]

Number 3


Meet gate crasher number 3. Carlos Allen managed to blend in perfectly with a group of Indian guests and walk into the Obama state dinner also crashed by the Salahis. A third uninvited guest made his way into the White House state dinner for India‘s prime minister in November, the Secret Service said Monday. Was […]