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Who is accountable to whom?

The Terminator


It’s not a surprise, but the news is good nonetheless. The Boston Globe has endorsed Martha Coakley. In the process, they have provided Scott Brown with an exciting new nickname. People in Massachusetts are understandably frustrated. Next week’s special election comes in the midst of a too-long Senate debate on health care, showcasing much of […]

Don Coakleone


A Weekly Standard reporter who was attacked by an aid to Martha Coakley Tuesday night is not getting speedy justice from the Attorney General of Massachusetts – even though she witnessed the assault, while saying nothing. “Last evening I was a little too aggressive in trying to help the Attorney General get to her car […]

I don’t think the Boston Globe realised that it did an front page attack on Martha Coakley this morning. Coakley leaves quickly, hurrying through a reception downstairs, passing up the refreshments, shaking maybe a few hands on the way out. On the front steps, she rubs elbows with city councilors and School Committee members. She […]