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Victory. Brown will give Republicans a 41st seat in the Senate, robbing Democrats of the filibuster-proof majority the party had used to pass President Obama’s health care plan late last year. In the immediate lead-up to tonight’s vote, Democrats — including the White House and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) — insisted that the party […]

Frayed Nerves


You can’t blame folks at Coakley headquarters for being a bit nervous when they encounter reporters. Things are also tense at the Boston Globe, which declared Martha Coakley a winner today in an online election map – based on the returns they had in so far! There’s only one problem, guys – the polls are […]

With Us


The nation is with us in rooting for a Scott Brown victory and an end to the deliberate slide into socialism. Like fans cheering for their favorite football teams, voters nationwide are paying attention to the special U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts. Almost half of them are rooting for Republican candidate Scott Brown over his […]

There are grounds for caution for Scott Brown supporters. Now that election day is here, Martha Coakley seems to have finally solved the puzzle of how to appeal to voters. A glossy Martha Coakley has turned up the wow factor with brighter makeup and a blonder come-hither-with-your-votes hair color in the closing days of her […]

John Kerry was asked on Channel 5 yesterday about how quickly the swearing in of the newly elected senator should happen. For some reason, he wasn’t paying the usual lip service to the will of the people. Senator John Kerry: Well, I don’t think that’s possible. I mean even under normal circumstances, when I was […]