Happy Anniversary


It’s already been a week since the Massachusetts victory. Not enough time for the Boston Globe to figure out the meaning of the election.

One state’s vote, by a 52-47 majority, doesn’t erase a 29-state presidential victory and a 59-vote Senate margin. If Democrats use the Massachusetts election to abandon health reform, they won’t be following the people’s mandate – they’ll be defying it. And voters will rightly take revenge at the ballot box.

Be blind if you wish, but we’re talking about a movement – New Jersey, Virginia AND Mass, plus the polls that show scant support for health reform – not a rogue state.

And now that Brown’s election has deprived the Democrats of the 60th vote they need to stop a Republican filibuster in the Senate, the one way to make health care a reality for all Americans is for House members to swallow their misgivings and approve the Senate bill.

Let’s see – members of the House should ignore the wishes of their constituents, pass the bill that they’re scared to death to pass, and then campaign on being sensitive to the wishes of voters?

One concession to bipartisanship that Democrats should have made is a commitment to medical malpractice reform – a good idea on its merits. Democrats should now get together with Republicans and design a separate bill to change a dysfunctional tort system that causes too much defensive medicine.

The House should pass the bad bill on the hope that they’ll be able to pass a new bill to make ObamaCare acceptable? Like Scott says, back to the drawing board, please!

In much the same way, after the House approves the Senate bill and sends it to Obama for his signature, Senate and House supporters of reform should agree to improvements in the Senate bill, such as increasing subsidies for the premiums of the working poor, that can be achieved with just a 51-vote Senate majority through budget reconciliation.

Increasing subsidies? There you go again, being the Boston Globe. We don’t want more subsidies, we want no subsidies. Here’s what former Congressman and Kennedy School professor Mickey Edwards wrote the day after Scott’s win – let’s offer it as a refresher course for the left.

The defeat of a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in a state like Massachusetts cannot be ignored.  New Jersey’s incumbent governor, Jon Corzine, was notably unpopular, but the leading Democrat in Massachusetts, Governor Deval Patrick, wasn’t on the ballot.  This was a protest against Democrats in Washington, not those on Beacon Hill.

That’s right.

Liberals have dismissed “tea party” protests against their health care proposals as the bleating of dumb rednecks, nasty, uncaring, and too stupid to even be able to read the bills.  Well, Massachusetts, where this protest took place, is a state with high spending levels of support for the needy, has an African-American governor, voted for an African-American president, and has one of the most highly educated electorates in America–and on election night, they gathered at Scott Brown’s victory party to shout, over and over and over again, “forty-one, forty-one, forty-one.”

Right again, Mickey!

To them, Scott Brown, now  the 41st Republican in the Senate (the magic number to sustain a Republican filibuster) was the vehicle for stopping what they called “Obamacare” dead in its tracks.  This on the heels of a Washington Post-ABC poll that showed most Americans opposed to the legislation.  More significantly, the opposition was not merely the predictable Republican response, but the judgment of Independent voters as well.

Yup – Martha/Barack got trounced by independent voters who are tired of the corruption, the broken campaign promises, the lack of transparency, and the backroom deals of the good government crowd!

In Massachusetts, in fact, Independents, most of whom supported the Republican candidate, have become the single largest voting bloc as voters have increasingly disassociated themselves from the once-dominant Democratic Party.

They’ve also disassociated themselves from the Boston Globe! Mickey says, rightly, that Democrats are in big trouble

…if they now resort to trickery and slick backroom maneuvering to stick a finger in voters’ eyes; tell voters their opinions don’t matter to a we-know-best Democratic elite and there will be a very long and gloomy November night for Democrats before the year is out.

If health reform wouldn’t become a permanent force of destruction once implemented, I’d be rooting for it to pass just so the Dems would have to face the repercussions. But that’s a burden the country can’t afford.


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