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Great TV


For people who can’t understand why Fox News is number 1. Fox News had its best January in the history of the network, and was the only cable news network to grow year-to-year. FNC also had the top 13 programs on cable news in total viewers for the fifth month in a row, and the […]

Wrong Headline


A new study shows that abstinence only education works. But I wonder if that’s the right headline. Sex education classes that focus on encouraging children to remain abstinent can persuade a significant proportion to delay sexual activity, researchers reported Monday in a landmark study that could have major implications for U.S. efforts to protect young […]

Will the Scott Brown train keep rolling along? It’s a big day, of sorts, for President Obama. President Obama is heading to New Hampshire on Tuesday, but his eye is on Illinois. The first primary contest of the midterm election season is taking place in Mr. Obama’s home state, where voters are choosing Republican and […]