Screw Comity


The swearing in of Scott Brown has been moved to tomorrow.

Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown will be sworn in Thursday, according to Jim Manley, the spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

Hoping to start work in Washington a week sooner than originally planned, US Senator-elect Scott Brown this afternoon asked Governor Deval Patrick and Secretary of State William Galvin to “certify without delay” the results of the Jan. 19 special election.

Scott seemed confident that Democrats had gotten the message of his election and wouldn’t try to pull any fast ones. After all, that would only feed the outrage that led to Scott’s election on January 19.

“Feb. 11 was a tentative date,” said Eric Fehrnstrom, one of Brown’s top advisers. “Since the election results are now complete, there’s no reason to wait. Senator-elect Brown wants to take his seat and participate in some important votes that are coming up.”

So Scott was being a nice guy, showing an interest in “Senate Comity” over political moment. That seemed mature and appropriate as a tactic to build relationship in the chamber, and thus, improving his long term influence. Apparently, things are busier in the senate than Scott’s people expected, and since the paper work’s about done – why wait?

There are several votes coming up within the next week that are expected to be controversial, including nominees for solicitor general and the US General Services Administration. A vote could come next week on whether to confirm Craig Becker, a Chicago-based union attorney who was nominated by President Obama to the National Labor Relations Board.

Votes on a major jobs bill could also come next week.

Screw comity. Let’s get to work.

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