Miss Him?


Well… Do you, punk?

A Wyoming, Minnesota billboard of former US President George W. Bush asking “Miss Me Yet?” has caused an Internet sensation, putting liberals on the hunt for whomever put it up.

Snapshots of the board swept through e-mail inboxes Monday morning, with some suspecting it was a clever GOP Photoshop. However, Wyoming resident and NPR contributor Bob Collins confirms the billboard is very real and can be found on the I-35 near Wrenshall.

Now, progressives and liberals upset that anyone would find 8 years of George W. Bush preferable to one of Barack Hussein Obama are on a mission to find out who put it up.


5 Responses to “Miss Him?”

  1. 1 Candace from Illinois

    Now why didn’t I think of that? It is brilliant. This person should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  2. 2 ER

    I do miss Bush. I miss knowing that the person in the White House, though not perfect, thinks of his job as serving the people. With Obama I feel like he is not serving us but that he wants us to serve him by buying into his policies whether we like it or not. And he wants us to because he seems to know what is best for us simply because he is Obama.

  3. 3 Byron Hennesy

    No, I don’t miss this clown. Trading one piece of s#@t for another doesn’t mean the smelled any less…

  4. 4 AmericanLesion

    Soon as the Democratrons expose and execute this perp, they will of course fact-check “An Inconvenient Truth” and punish that perp.

  5. 5 JT

    This pic is actually about 6 months old or so.. I got it on email last summer…and yes, I do miss W… we will all miss him more and more over the next 3 years.

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