Guns Blazing


The president has decided that Americans like him best when he’s at war, so he’s decided to stage a coup.

President Barack Obama is putting forward a nearly $1 trillion, 10-year health care plan that would allow the government to deny or roll back egregious insurance premium increases that infuriated consumers.

To the majority of Americans already unhappy with his administration for making government too big, Obama says, “screw you! We’re making it even bigger!”

Posted Monday morning on the White House Web site, the plan would provide coverage to more than 31 million Americans now uninsured without adding to the federal deficit.

It conspicuously omits a government insurance plan sought by liberals.

But it’s uncertain that such an ambitions plan can pass, since Republicans are virtually all opposed and some Democrats who last year supported sweeping health care changes are having second thoughts. After a year in pursuit of his top domestic priority, Obama may have to settle for a modest fallback.

Obama wants to lose big if he’s going to lose, rather than go down as just another spineless Democrat unwilling to fight for the things Americans don’t want.

Coming just days before a White House health care summit with congressional leaders of both parties, Obama’s legislative proposal, which will be unveiled later Monday, likely represents the president’s last chance to salvage his signature issue.

You can understand his revulsion at the idea of being put in the same historical pot with Dukakis, Mondale, Gore or Jimmy Carter. He wants to be FDR.

Until now, Obama has argued what should and should not be in a health care overhaul, but the legislation itself has largely been left up to majority Democrats in Congress to draft. It’s the most detailed proposal yet to come from Obama.

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