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No Gonna Happen


Was the health care summit really about trying to pave the road for jamming the legislation through the senate using the reconciliation tool, inappropriately, to circumvent the filibuster in the senate? My answer. No. President Obama has developed a scaled-down version of health care reform that would cost about a quarter of current plans and […]

As the Democrats ponder pursuing the “Screw the People Strategy,” they may want to take a look at the new Gallup Poll, which confirms what we already know. The STPS is really a Screw the Democrats Strategy… just another clever way to alienate independent voters. Democrats support passing the bill by reconciliation by a margin […]

What will come of the Obama TV show today on health care reform? Going forward, it will be “damn the torpedoes, screw the people” from the Democrats. Of course, that’s been the approach of the evil ones for the past year. After a brief period of consultation following the White House health reform summit, congressional […]

Knowing Marco I


Marco Rubio is challenging Governor Charlie Crist in the Florida GOP primary race for U.S. Senate. While Crist once held a big lead, there’s been a reversal of roles. Marco Rubio is the second coming of Scott Brown, politically speaking. He’s in a lot of ways better than Brown. He’s younger, he’s good looking, he’s […]