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Senior Swagger


As you know, Sarah Palin went to Arizona last week to campaign for John McCain. She sure does energize the Senate veteran in a new web video released by the campaign.

Good News! The Planet Can’t be Saved. The man who achieved global fame for his theory that the whole earth is a single organism now believes that we can only hope that the earth will take care of itself in the face of completely unpredictable climate change. What a relief… at least one leading Climate […]

Liberal Cliff


Meg Whitman, former Ebay CEO, is running for Governor of California as a Republican. Meg’s primary opponent, Steve Poizner, is making the road more difficult by making her sound like President Obama on immigration. Well, maybe she made herself sound that way. Being a frontrunner makes one move to the center, which may explain why […]

Weight of Words


Was it America’s chickens coming home to roost, as Obama preacher Jeremiah Wright said, when al Qaeda attacked on September 11th? Did we “cause,” if not justify, those attacks by our “imperialist” actions? That position is, not surprisingly, a stone-cold loser in a Republican primary anywhere in the country but particularly in a state as […]

Re Formed


Is the Obama financial reform bill out of control? Dick Morris says it gives power to the Treasury Secretary that Fidel Castro doesn’t have in Cuba. What I’m concerned about is a provision that is not controversial in the bill. It’s not what they’re talking about. That it’s pure socialism in the United States. It […]

Add Prudential to the list of companies taking write downs to account for their financial hit under Castro Care. Prudential Financial (PRU) became the latest company to detail the financial impact of President Barack Obama’s health-care overhaul, saying Tuesday it has taken a $100 million charge in the current quarter due to lower tax deductions […]

Attack Ad


Here’s an attack ad from the Massachusetts Gubernatorial campaign – Independent Democrat Treasurer Tim Cahill going after former Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance CEO Charlie Baker for having ties to the health care industry. Charlie, a Republican, is extremely well respected for his turnaround of the company and for his prior work in the Weld Administration, […]

Bad Reid


Watch those hateful Harry Reid supporters pelt a Tea Party bus with eggs and threaten Andrew Breitbart. Liberal Haters. Saturday’s Tea Party Express event in the hometown of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was downplayed by much of the media — perhaps because the only incidents of violent behavior among the large crowd seemed to […]

Obama Hammer


Even after all the media excitement over the passage of Castro Care, and a week of an intensive sales pitch by President Obama, the country is still not impressed with his health reform plan. Here’s what the Washington Post poll, released over the weekend, has to say. Overall, 46 percent of those polled said they […]

Penn Gal


A Venezuelan actress has penned a slap down to Sean Penn in response to his whimpering defense of Hugo Chavez. Penn wants charges brought against American journalists who dare to suggest that the duly elected Chavez is a “Venezuelan Dictator!” Even though I have great respect for your artistic talent, I was appalled by a […]

Monday Smile


Something to hum as you get your week started!

Crist v Rubio


Fox News Sunday hosted a debate between the Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in Florida. This is an intriguing race, as 39 year old former Speaker of the House Marco Rubio, down 20 points a few months ago, now leads Governor Charlie Crist by about the same amount. Rubio is the Tea Party inspired candidate, […]

Raining Men


Speaking at a “Conservative Woodstock” in Harry Reid’s Nevada hometown, there’s good reason that Tea Partiers, and Sarah Palin, aren’t backing down from predictable liberal name calling and misrepresentations. She said Saturday she wasn’t inciting violence, just trying to inspire people to get involved. “We’re not going to sit down and shut up. Thank you […]

Share This


The blindness of the thoughtful to the stupidity of their conclusions is too dangerous to be funny for more than a moment. It was Armageddon all right, a battle between selfishness and sharing. So writes Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson, a raging loony tune of the left, lost in the thick fog of his untethered […]

Those nasty protesters were spitting on members of congress on Sunday! At least, that’s what we’ve been hearing that all week, conjuring the image of people peppering the poor radicals with huge lungies! Turns out, it’s another conspiracy of deception on the part of Democrats and the media. The Washington Post reported that Cleaver was […]

Schmidt Hit


The thing we’re missing in this whole uproar over attacks, verbal and physical, on members of congress and their offices, is data on what’s normal. How many angry voice mails do they receive on a regular day compared to now, and how often do offices get attacked compared to now. I suspect we’d see a […]