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Groundhog Day


Here we go again, as the President announces the latest push for health reform. As usual, the Obama approach was to misrepresent the issue. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.  If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  I can tell you as the father of two young girls, […]

Democrats are losing a first term Congressman, Eric Massa, from Cornell, New York. Massa is calling around the district to inform party leaders and supporters of his decision. The source said he assumed that Massa’s move is “health related,” but said the congressman also gave him a rather nebulous warning that he would be “hearing […]

Funny Palin


Sarah Palin shines on Leno.

al Qaeda Seven


Controversial ad targets Eric Holder for hiring lawyers who advocated for terrorists during the Bush years. Senator Charles Grassley last month pushed Holder to identify any lawyers who had represented detainees, and the Department said last month that nine Justice Department appointees filled that category — but he refused to name those whose work hadn’t […]

Remember former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, the sleazy guy who ran New York state before the current sleazy guy? Spitzer’s former “Manhattan Madame” is now seeking his old job. Davis served four months in prison in 2008 for her involvement in the escort service, which she said was the most successful call girl ring […]

DeCaf Party


From Gateway Pundit: This is why it’s called the Democratic-Media Complex… Kate Zernike, the same NT Times reporter who slandered Jason Mattera at CPAC, wrote another lib piece today promoting Team Obama’s latest astroturfed organization, the “Coffee Party.” Fed up with government gridlock, but put off by the flavor of the Tea Party, people in […]