Lost Year


Why are Democrats still plotting to deny the American people the health reform that we so desperately need!

A dozen House of Representatives Democrats opposed to abortion are willing to kill President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plan unless it satisfies their demand for language barring the procedure, Representative Bart Stupak said on Thursday.

Despite all the rhetoric about Republican opposition, Democrats have a 78 vote majority in the House, and they still haven’t put together the votes to approve the senate version of the legislation!

“Yes. We’re prepared to take responsibility,” Stupak said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” when asked if he and his 11 Democratic allies were willing to accept the consequences for bringing down healthcare reform over abortion.

“Let’s face it. I want to see healthcare. But we’re not going to bypass the principles of belief that we feel strongly about,” he said.

Why are Democrats so hostile to the needs of the American people, so clearly laid out by the President?

The Michigan Democrat held up House legislation last year until he was satisfied that its language prevented federal tax dollars from being used to fund abortions.

Republicans can’t vote for this legislation – it’s a divisive, socialist measure that must be opposed by those who believe in the concept of this country as laid out by the Founders. That leaves Barack a simple challenge – craft a piece of legislation that is centrist enough that Democrats can support it. Why can’t he do it?

No specific legislation has yet surfaced. But Obama began a final push for reform on Wednesday, urging Congress to vote on the plan in the next few weeks even if it means passing the measure with a narrow Democratic majority and no Republican support.

Despite the trouble the President’s having with pro-life Dems, he’s also working to reign in his own people!

The day after President Obama detailed his preferred path and a new timeframe for passing health care reform, he’s gathering some key House Democrats at the White House. The guest list offers a clue into whom Obama thinks he needs to win over: liberals.

The first group going to the Oval Office today?

…Madeleine Bordallo, Donna Christensen, Danny Davis, Raul Grijalva, Mike Honda, Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Lucille Roybal-Allard, Jan Schakowsky, Nydia Velazquez and Lynn Woolsey.

The second wave?

…the leadership of the New Democrat Coalition. Expected to attend are Jason Altmire, Melissa Bean, Lois Capps, Joseph Crowley, Ron Kind, Allyson Schwartz, Adam Smith.


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