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Broken Topics


Lindsay Graham, in a bipartisan conversation with retiring friend Evan Bayh on Face the Nation today, explains why the use of reconciliation to force through Obama Care will be “catasrophic.” The gist of what Graham is saying is that reconciliation has been used in the past when there is bipartisan support for a measure, not […]

McCain Trail


Scott Brown was in Arizona for the second day yesterday offering star struck Arizona voters his support for John McCain’s reelection bid. The Senate’s newest member Scott Brown likes to talk about his daughter’s prowess on the basketball court, but for the first weekend of March he skipped her game and flew cross-country to catch […]

Democrat incumbent Blanche Lincoln is running hard to deny her association with Obama and the Democratic congress. Conservative Democrat Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.), whose obstinacy during the health care reform process was so frustrating to the progressive community, is officially getting a primary challenge. On Monday morning, Arkansas lieutenant governor, Bill Halter, announced that he would […]