Moore Whoopin’


Michael Moore is disgusted with Democrats. Aren’t we all, if for different reasons! His message, surprisingly, isn’t all that different from the one from two Democratic pollsters in today’s Washington Post (see the next post down.)

“Well, we see what it’s led us to, to the fact that one out of eight homes now in America is in foreclosure or delinquency,” Moore said. “One out of eight home and, of course, the millions that don’t have health care and everything else it’s – how do you get yourself out of bed every morning to do this show with just the despair of how – the hope that we all had a year, year and a half ago. And now it’s like, I just feel like the Democrats are – they’re in for an ass-whooping of Biblical proportions in November if they don’t get off the dime and do the job they were sent there to do. I mean that. I mean, it – don’t they see that?”

Moore wants Cuban health care without having to travel, that’s why he’s mad.

“They could avoid it by having the courage of their convictions and doing what the Republicans do when they take power,” Moore said. “You know when the Republicans come into town, they get in the Hummer and they drive down Pennsylvania Avenue, mow down everybody in sight. They walk into Congress with both guns blazing and they say, ‘We were sent here to do a job,’ and then they do the job. Democrats come in and I mean by an incredible majority in the Senate and the House, in this historic election with Obama in the White House. Democrats come in and go, ‘Oh hi, hi, umm – I guess we don’t need universal health care for everybody. You know, we can compromise. It’s OK.’”

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