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Falling Chips


The President has canceled his trip to Indonesia in order to push for passage of Castro Care, a government expansion that we can ill-afford. What will it take to close the budget deficit with Obama’s runaway spending? Federal income tax rates would have to be more than doubled across the income spectrum if Congress were […]

The Congressional Budget Office, struggling under the weight of so much number crunching, didn’t get numbers to congressional socialists yesterday on their latest, top secret reform legislation. The vote is now scheduled for Sunday morning. As a result, the vote was moved, allowing the promised 72 hours to view the legislation online. Another subplot to […]

Joe’s Foot


Here’s the latest faux pas from the Vice President. Mr Biden, who has Irish heritage, said “God rest her soul” in reference to the mother of Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen. However, Mr Cowen’s mother is very much alive

Married Dems


Few forces in our politics are as destructive as the partnership between the Democratic Party and the labor movement. The rubble of GM and Chrysler, the education system, and the finances of states and municipalities are some of the more obvious, and current, results that sit plainly for all to see. Jerry Brown’s recent plea […]

Fake Fight


Have you noticed the sense of urgency the President has attached to getting health care passed. Time is of the essence, even though the health coverage promised by the Castro Care legislation doesn’t kick in for a few years… and our economic survival depends on getting it passed. U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday […]