Gates Opening


Won’t it be nice when all electricity is generated by clean, safe nuclear power and cars run on endless supplies of domestic natural gas?

A company backed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Toshiba are in early talks to jointly develop a small nuclear reactor, the Japanese electronics giant said Tuesday.

Small enough to have one per home, I hope. Decentralized power makes much more sense – every home with a little box that lasts forever.

The Nikkei business daily earlier reported that the two sides would team up to develop a compact next-generation reactor that can operate for up to 100 years without refueling to provide emission-free energy.

Toshiba, which owns US nuclear plant maker Westinghouse, has developed a design for an ultracompact reactor that can operate continuously for 30 years.

I guess the ultra would be the home model, and the compact that Gates wants to work on would be more of a municipal thing. Either way, I’m anxious to 1) get off foreign oil, and 2) have the last laugh on the hippies who stopped nukes in this country while their favorite people, the french, get 80% of their electricity from nuclear.

The daily said the joint development would focus on the Traveling-Wave Reactor (TWR), which consumes depleted uranium as fuel. Current light-water reactors require refueling every few years.

Depleted? As in left over from the big nuclear plants? Cool.

“Toshiba has entered into preliminary talks with TerraPower,” said Toshiba spokesman Keisuke Ohmori. “We are looking into the possibility of working together.”

Gates is the principal owner of TerraPower, an expert team based in the US state of Washington that is investigating ways to improve emission-free energy supplies using small nuclear reactors.

I’d suggest using a Mac O/S.

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