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I don’t think he was intending to build the case for impeachment. This week, Rudolph Penner and Robert Reischauer, both former directors of the Congressional Budget Office, briefed the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform about the challenges they’ll face in finding ways to cut the federal budget deficit to a sustainable level. But […]

Losing Control


America’s number one morning news program continues to impress… …as Meredith Vierra loses control during a segment on texting.

Broken How?


Charlie Crist announced last night that he’s running for senate as an independent after having been driven from the race for the GOP nomination by Marco Rubio. In a three way race with a weak Democrat, will the Florida Governor move toward becoming a Democrat if he wins the senate seat? After months of touting […]

Imagine No


The fight has never been over whether there will be religion taught in the Democrats’ schools. It’s actually been over whose religion will be taught in the Democrats’ schools. In 1936, Wilhelm Reich commented that sex education of his time was a work of deception, focusing on biology while concealing excitement-arousal, which is what a […]



Alabama Gubernatorial candidate Tim James makes a good point about the silliness of offering drivers tests in 12 different languages in a powerful ad.

Comity Comedy


More compassionate hate from race obsessed liberals. Definition of comity: a state or atmosphere of harmony or mutual civility and respect

It turns out that British liberals aren’t that different from ours here – they love to call people they disagree with nasty names. Gordon Brown is already expected to lose his reelection bid as British Prime Minister next week, but today’s incident, in which he made a rude comment as he drove off after a […]