Scary Guy


Obama radicals would love to see Goodwin Liu on the Supreme Court someday. Right now, though, his nomination to the well-known 9th Circuit in California threatens to become the focal point of the president’s attempts to dramatically liberalize the country.

Forty-two California district attorneys have written a scathing letter opposing his nomination. And conservative legal groups are already cranking up their political machine in an anti-Liu campaign usually reserved for Supreme Court nominations.

With another Supreme Court vacancy widely expected this summer, “what happens on Professor Liu sets the tone for the Supreme Court and sets the tone for future nominees as well,” said a prominent Democratic lawyer who has advised the White House on judicial nominations.

A major judiciary fight could also distract from the White House legislative agenda.

Does Liu believe in the Constitution? You tell me.

“‘Applications of constitutional text and principles must be open to adaptation and change . . . as the conditions and norms of our society become ever more distant from those of the Founding generation.’”

That’s the leftist view – they don’t like the Constitution, so they seek to disconnect it from it’s core meaning by claiming it to be a living, breathing document. Which is why Liu strongly opposed the nomination of Chief Justice John Roberts to the Supreme Court five years ago.

Before becoming a judge, he belonged to the Republican National Lawyers’ Association and the National Legal Center for the Public Interest, whose mission is to promote (among other things) “free enterprise,” “private ownership of property,” and “limited government.” These are code words for an ideological agenda hostile to environmental, workplace, and consumer protections.

Liu sees belief in the foundational values of the nation as dangerous code!

One thing to watch in the Senate is how quickly the nomination moves to the Senate floor — and whether Majority Leader Harry Reid is willing to let Liu’s nomination eat up valuable floor time that could be used for other nominees and legislative priorities.

The White House is wary about a knock-down fight in the Senate over a liberal judge.

So, a brawl over Liu sounds like just what the nation needs.

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