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It’s an odd occurrence when an elected official answers questions honestly, giving his opinion instead of the talking points others have crafted for him. But when you’ve served four terms as Mayor of Boston and are settling into the first year of your fifth, and presumably last, what do you have to lose? Boston Mayor […]

How irrelevant is the Constitution to the socialists? They don’t even think about it. Thinking about The Constitution might lead the socialists to follow it, and following it would lead to having to drop most of their legislative goals. Did you ever hear Rep. James Clyburn explain this to Andrew Napolitano? “There’s nothing in the […]

Them Nikes


It strikes me that Tiger’s crisis management people are overthinking this thing. They’d been doing pretty well until this Nike ad last night served to turn the focus, once again, on his escapades. But the manipulative use of Tiger’s late father also reminds us that Woods, and his partners, are driven by lust. Even as […]

Rand Paul has it right. The mood is anti-Washington, and his new ad, in his race for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, captures the feeling perfectly. Candidates from across the country are running against Washington these days but none so aggressively — or effectively — as ophthalmologist Rand Paul. Paul is the son of eclectic Texas […]