Odd & Delightful


It’s an odd occurrence when an elected official answers questions honestly, giving his opinion instead of the talking points others have crafted for him. But when you’ve served four terms as Mayor of Boston and are settling into the first year of your fifth, and presumably last, what do you have to lose?

Boston Mayor Tom Menino isn’t going out of his way to help his fellow Democrats this week, telling the State House News Service that he’d give Gov. Deval Patrick only a “C” rating for his first three years in office and a “B+” for the past four months.

Well, okay, it should have been a D across the board. And the huge jump over the past few months only refers to Deval having given up attempting to govern in in favor of running for reelection full time. He does less damage to his cause this way.

“I don’t think he was focused,” Menino said. “I think he’s focused on his goals now, which is very key … “He’s really come alive… He’s everywhere.”


Of his less-than-glowing letter grade for the bulk of the governor’s term, Menino said, “He won’t like it, but that’s all right.”

And Menino trashed the Democrats’ talent pool, suggesting that there’s no one to take on Scott Brown in 2012 other than Mike Capuano, again.

“Who else do you have? I mean, just think about it,” Menino said, in a slight at his party’s political talent.

But the Mayor said Scott would be tough to beat.

“He’s around. He’s around the state. I hear it. He’s here, there and everywhere.

It’s not that Tom doesn’t like the former Somerville Mayor, mind you.

Praising Capuano’s hard work, plainspoken style and grasp of municipal policies, Menino said, “It’s still going to be hard to beat an incumbent who’s got $6 million in the bank right now.” Asked if Capuano could beat Brown, Menino said, “I don’t know.”

There’s one argument against term limits. After record setting longevity, some politicians start telling the truth. Odd, and delightful.


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