Protect & Defend


How irrelevant is the Constitution to the socialists? They don’t even think about it.

Thinking about The Constitution might lead the socialists to follow it, and following it would lead to having to drop most of their legislative goals. Did you ever hear Rep. James Clyburn explain this to Andrew Napolitano?

There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the federal government has anything to do with most of the stuff we do.

As if to prove his ignorance of the Constitution, Clyburn asks the Judge:

“How about show me where in the Constitution it prohibits the federal government from doing this?”

Remember Illinois Congressman Phillip Hare making similar statements?

In addition to the ‘ignore the Constitution’ strategy, the socialists know that on occasion their illegal laws will face challenge. So, the second prong of their approach is to develop a line of legal thinking designed to turn the founding document on its head. Which is where leftist wackos like Berkeley Professor Goodwin Liu come in.

They use our Constitution as the tool to destroy our Constitution.

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