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Fight Brewing


So Justice Stevens is going… which means, perhaps, that the White House wants to energize the base with a big fight in advance of the November mid-terms. Politico has the story. Sources close to the process have previous said the president and his advisers are focused primarily on several potential nominees who were considered last […]

Organized Hate


As those who wish to destroy America demonize their opposition with the usual accusations of hate, they continue to spread hate. The latest leftist crime is from New Jersey, where the life of Republican Governor Chris Christie has been threatened by the teachers union. The Record of Bergen County obtained the Bergen County Education Association […]

Retiring Guy


Bart’s gone. Democratic Congressman Bart Stupak of Michigan tells The Associated Press he’ll retire from Congress rather than seek a 10th term this year. You’ll recall that Bart’s the guy who caved on his abortion concerns and put the socialist health plan into law. Stupak has drawn stinging criticism from opponents of the recently enacted […]