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Sad Gay West


Hhhhmmmm. Will this be good for the GOP in November because the leftists won’t be energized to turn out? Or is it good for Dems because the right won’t be so energized? Well, I guess its the first, since the right is already FIRED UP, READY TO GO! A challenge to California’s gay marriage ban […]

Good Decision


If I were an adviser to Scott Brown, I would have told him not to attend the Tea Party in Boston on Wednesday. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), who snatched the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat with an improbable special election victory in January, has turned down an invitation to attend a Sarah Palin-headlined tea party […]

Liberals are more intelligent than conservatives according to evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa. But not smarter. Which could explain the president. This guy’s interesting, but a waste of time to watch, I think.

Will you be there Wednesday, on Boston Common, for the Tea Party Express rolling into town? I’ll be speaking, as will Sarah Palin. Here’s Globe coverage, intermingled with a new health care poll from Rasmussen. The eyes of local political activists of all stripes will be focused on Boston Common this Wednesday as Sarah Palin […]



Part of an international plan.



They need our help. “I came here when I was 2 years old,” he says. “I lived all my life here so – it makes me feel unfortunate to the fact that I don’t have a Social Security number to apply for financial aid.” Padilla wants to be called an American, even though he’s been […]