Facing Scott


Scott Brown was on Face the Nation today, standing his ground effectively on the Financial Reform Bill, telling the president that “We Can Do Better.”

Bob: Can you support the pending financial reform bill?

Scott. No, because the bill is too partisan, and it will regulate small businesses and people who didn’t cause the crisis and cost 25-30,000 jobs in my state.

Scott told host Bob Scheiffer that he’d be willing to filibuster the reform bill, a fight which the White House, apparently, welcomes.

But while another contentious debate might seem like the last thing Democrats want in an election year, senior administration officials tell Fox News that Obama is feeling the wind at his back after the health care battle and believes the push for tougher Wall Street regulation will boost his popularity. So once again, he’s taking the show on the road.

I like how Scott doesn’t hesitate to say that he’s opposed to the measure or that he won’t rule out a filibuster. They all have to do their share of rope a doping, but most can’t tell the truth even when there’s no downside to the truth.

One Response to “Facing Scott”

  1. Bravo Scott!

    Smaller government, less taxes, protect the sovereignty of the 50 states, and jobs in the private sector — OBAMA stands for none of these! Could that indicate a socialist leaning on the part of POTUS?

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