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Why would the transparent White House try to block reporter access to a news event? The police assigned to the White House literally told the media to leave today as six military vets were protesting the President’s inaction on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell by handcuffing themselves to the White House gates. The mainstream reporters were […]

As context to this story, I’d like to remind you of my operating theory. Nothing Democrats say or do can be trusted. It seems as if within minutes of the SEC filing suit against Goldman Sachs, the media was reporting that this news would destroy resistance in congress to the financial reform bill. “The timing […]

These liberals are so ugly. The transparency with which they engage in the behaviors that they accuse others of is really startling. Consider John Conyers, a congressman who seems unconcerned about insulting patriotic Americans who protest for more responsible government. Conyers calls Tea Party activists Teabaggers! Definition number one from the Urban Dictionary? a man […]