Sensitive Cruelty


These liberals are so ugly.

The transparency with which they engage in the behaviors that they accuse others of is really startling. Consider John Conyers, a congressman who seems unconcerned about insulting patriotic Americans who protest for more responsible government.

Conyers calls Tea Party activists Teabaggers! Definition number one from the Urban Dictionary?

a man that squats on top of a womens face and lowers his genitals into her mouth during sex, known as “teabagging”

Nice, congressman. Number two:

A conservative activist who is so ignorant that they protest against tax cuts (that benefit them) by throwing tea into a river.

Nice again! That’s the same John Conyers, by the way, who was baffled that anyone would expect him to read the health reform legislation.

As a Black guy, and a liberal, wouldn’t you expect the congressman to be more SENSITIVE to the feelings of good people who are trying to pressure congress to be responsible? Wouldn’t you expect him to refrain from tagging them with vulgarities?

“I don’t want to hand my grandchildren a country that’s going in this direction,” she said, holding a large American flag. “We are a Christian country, and we need to remain that way. In case (Obama) doesn’t realize it, 86 percent of the population in this country says they believe in God. They’re not Muslim, and they’re not atheists. And he needs to figure it out.”

Conyers should keep in mind that Tea Party activists aren’t alone in their judgment.

Only 22 percent of those polled said they can trust the federal government “almost always” or “most of the time,” which Pew says is “among the lowest measures in more than half a century.” Moreover, 65 percent hold an unfavorable view of Congress – the worst congressional approval rating Pew has seen in a quarter-century.

Two thirds of Americans don’t like your kind, Mr. Conyers – your kind being the big spending, socialistic type that doesn’t bother consulting the U.S. Constitution while insulting voters who do.

Overall, only 27 percent want to see most representatives get reelected, which Pew says is “at about the same level as in the fall of 1994, just prior to the ouster of many incumbent representatives.”


One Response to “Sensitive Cruelty”

  1. Politics as usual…vote for a Health Care Hoax bill that isn’t read critically which is truly another bite into free enterprise by OBAMA and his minions.

    Conyers is evidence that incumbents must be routed from the Congress.


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