Rahm Bahm


Does Rahm Emanuel really fart in the middle of his interview with Charlie Rose, or is that a table being dragged across the room?

Note the post bomb smile. There are bigger bombs coming from the White House, however. The president called Scott Brown this week to discuss immigration reform!

President Obama called Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) from Air Force One today to tell the Republican that immigration reform was coming in a matter of weeks — and to encourage Brown to get involved with the legislation.

Cool. A huge fight coming. Or, maybe not. Maybe the president is just trying to quiet the unruly leftist masses.

Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez is turning up the volume on his already piercing criticism of the Obama administration for failing to tackle immigration reform and is now threatening to rally Hispanics to stay home on Election Day.

Gutierrez represents a block or radical congressman who don’t believe the U.S. should protect its borders which got assurances on immigration reform from the president before agreeing to vote for socialized medicine.

Gutierrez has kept up a steady drumbeat of pressure and criticism aimed at the president in recent weeks. He argued in an op-ed last week that the president’s failure to act on immigration reform had opened the door for local measures like the one in Arizona.

Immigration reform promises to be more divisive than health reform, doesn’t it? Good for the GOP. Now that’s a bomb.


2 Responses to “Rahm Bahm”

  1. 1 Cap'n Spackle and Wrinkle Cream

    Don’t be ridiculous.

    Ballerinas don’t fart.

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