Brown Needs A Truck


It turns out that British liberals aren’t that different from ours here – they love to call people they disagree with nasty names.

Gordon Brown is already expected to lose his reelection bid as British Prime Minister next week, but today’s incident, in which he made a rude comment as he drove off after a conversation with a voter, is not likely to help his prospects.

The PM was approached by the grandmother in the street after visiting a community payback scheme in Rochdale.

She tackled him on a series of issues including the national debt, taxes, student financing and immigration.

Mrs Duffy, a widow, said she was “very disappointed” with Mr Brown’s remarks.

Here’s the tail end of the discussion with Mrs. Duffy as Brown hops into his limo.

After hearing what the Prime Minister had said about her, she said it was “very upsetting”.

She added: “He’s an educated person, why has he come out with words like that?

“He’s supposed to lead this country and he’s calling an ordinary woman who’s just come up and asked questions what most people would ask him – he’s not doing anything about the national debt and it’s going to be tax, tax, tax for another 20 years to get out of this mess – and he’s calling me a bigot.”

Brown still wore a lapel mic that had been given to him by Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News. Brown is running in third place in some polls, second in others.

A ComRes poll late Tuesday showed the Conservatives at 33% with Labour and the traditionally smaller opposition party tied at 29%. Brown had been banking on a strong performance in the third and final live televised debate on Thursday, which is on the economy.

One of Brown’s problems has long been that he lacks the easy connection with voters of his predecessor Tony Blair. Ironically, he has been trying to get out and meet more ordinary voters in recent days.

The election is May 6th.

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