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Still Stranded


When the president did his presidential TV show from Louisiana on Friday, was it produced by BP, the White House, or both? Officials from Jefferson Parish claim BP bused 400 cleanup workers into Grand Isle on Friday in time for a visit from President Barack Obama. The extra workers were brought in for Friday only, […]

A Tribute


I have no idea the source of this story, but even if it is fiction, it’s truth and power are undeniable, and particularly appropriate considering today’s focus. Honor and Respect THIS AIRLINE CAPTAIN WRITES: “ My lead flight attendant came to me and said, “We have an H.R. on this flight.” (H.R. stands for human […]

Forever Wrong


Governor Ed Rendell, spinning on behalf of the Obama administration, says the job offer to Joe Sestak was fine because it’s just business as usual. … it’s happened in politics for time immemorial. I did the same thing in 2006 to ask a former congressman, Joe Hoeffel, to drop out of the race against Bob […]

Rush to Kick


Man on the street videos of police malfeasance are a joy to watch. By giving citizens the ability to expose bad cops, the job of the good cop will hopefully get easier. Hundreds of cyclists rode en masse through Los Angeles to protest BP for the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. On […]



Everything is about race for the Democrats, even the Democrats who have yet to come to America to stake their claim to their birthright. Demonstrators dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan, protested outside the US Embassy in Mexico City against Arizona’s immigration law. Thousands marched in Phoenix with separate rallies of supporters and […]

Road Kill


As the oil continues to spew unfettered into the Gulf, a similar mass of darkness hangs over the Obama administration. The failure of Top Kill threatens to make Road Kill of the Obama presidency. The unrelenting flow of oil forces the spotlight back onto the White House strategy of playing politics, rather than offering leadership, […]

Billy Nungesser is one of the heroes in the Gulf. The president is not. Billy Nungesser, the president of Plaquemines Parish whose frustrations about the federal government response have been featured prominently on TV in the past few weeks, told ABC News that in the private meeting the president had with local leaders here today, President […]

Over Him


Does this mean Chris Matthews is losing his crush on the president, or is it just tough love? I expect he still thinks that Mr. Obama will rise to the occasion.

Big or Small


Is the secret White House job offer to Congressman Joe Sestak, designed to get him out of the race that he eventually won against Arlen Specter, a big deal or no deal at all? On first glance, denials by Democrats look credible – this, they say, is politics as usual. No big deal. Rep. Darrell […]

Just because I’m slow getting around to posting this doesn’t mean I don’t love it. We need Republicans to talk like Chris Christie all the time! If people hear the arguments against the socialists, they’ll understand.

Two Hands


Wow. What a whopper has been offered up by the White House with the cooperation of Bill Clinton to explain the job offer to Joe Sestak, designed to convince him to stay out of the senate race that he won last week. White House Counsel Robert Bauer said Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel asked President […]

Sometimes, it’s really nice to still have Helen Thomas at work at the White House. Ms. Thomas asked President Obama why we are still in Afghanistan, losing lives, when there does not seem to be any improvement in the situation. And before the president could respond, Ms. Thomas added, “And don’t give us any of […]

Dopey Smiley


How much of a dope is Tavis Smiley? The Christianity of the attackers Tavis is referring to is incidental to their activities. They’re not claiming that Christianity justifies their violence.

NOTE: In a shocker, the Massachusetts senate suddenly woke up and smelled the voters Thursday, passing legislation to crack down on freebies for illegals just one day after passing a watered down measure. Details at the end of this post. Why was President Calderon in the United States last week? Because so many of his […]

Stengel Sting


Where’s Charlie Gibson when you need him? We don’t need him, as it turns out, because there are editors at Time magazine who are also oblivious to big news stories. There was a classic moment on Morning Joe today when Mika Brzezinski asked Time editor Rick Stengel whether the magazine’s current issue contains anything about […]

Crashing Down


There’s talk at the White House of need for a new stimulus. Larry Summers, President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, has asked Congress to “grit its teeth” and approve a fresh fiscal boost of $200bn to keep growth on track. “We are nearly 8m jobs short of normal employment. For millions of Americans the economic […]