Act Naturally


Disdain for America is so second nature for the Libs, it doesn’t require any thought. All they have to do is Act Naturally.

On Cinco de Mayo, five Morgan Hill high school students came to school in red, white and blue, and got a very public lesson in school politics and free speech. The boys came to Live Oak High School on the Mexican holiday, wearing t-shirts, shorts and shoes emblazoned with American flags.

What could the problem be? Perhaps the principal was concerned that they weren’t showing the flag proper respect?

Around 10 a.m., the assistant principal told sophomore Matthew Dariano he had to remove his bandana, which is against school policy.

But then Dariano said the assistant principal told all him and all his friends to take off their shirts, or turn them inside out, because some Hispanic students were upset and the school feared it would start a fight. Dariano is part Mexican.

Upset? About what? Were they violating the school dress code?

“Our Hispanic vice principal was taking their side, and was thinking that we were being racist towards them, so he was discriminating against us, making us take off our stuff,” Dariano said.

“We’re not trying to start trouble,” said student Austin Carvalho. “We’re in America. We can’t wear our own colors?”

The boys refused to take off the shirts. They were not suspended, but they were sent home.

Nicely done, kids. Nicely done, parents.

Referring to his shirt, student Dominic Maciel said, “I think it was disrespectful to my country, if I flip this inside out.” Maciel is also part Mexican.

The parents of the five boys said the school’s decision was un-American.

“You can’t just single out these five. It doesn’t work that way. That’s not what America is about,” said Julie Fagerstrom.

No disrespect, no dress code violation. What could the concern be?

Cinco de Mayo is popular at Live Oak, which is 40 percent Latino. The school even had ethnic dancers perform at lunch.

Ethnic dancers? In a country in which the mere mention of Christmas sends schools into palpitations? Cinco de Mayo is popular?

Live Oak’s principal had no comment. The Morgan Hill Unified School District, however, disagreed with the high school.

“The district does not concur with the Live Oak High School administration’s interpretation of either board or district policy related to these actions,” said Dr. Jay Totter of the district.

By sundown, the district met with all the students and parents, and they all got good news. The t-shirts can stay.

In violation of their own rules, the evil ones crack down on patriotism. It’s a behavior that has been etched into their hearts – the PC hate culture is what defines them, love of country is against that code. It’s not hard for them – all they have to do is Act Naturally.

2 Responses to “Act Naturally”

  1. 1 Candace from Illinois

    If this isn’t the most stupid action by an administrator, I don’t know what is. These kids should wear t-shirts that say “I stood up for my rights as an American and all I got was this t-shirt…Hey man, don’t tread on me!”

  2. 2 Xanadu

    On March 17, would the school officicials in, say, Boston, especially South Boston,
    force a student to hide or remove an American flag t-shirt while everyone else
    was wearing green? Even more to the point: would any Irish-American kid think he was being “disrespected” by another kid wearing any item with an American flag on it? Of course not, to both questions. Why? Because the Irish-Americans, as well
    as all the other European-Americans, know that their parents or grandparents came here to BE AMERICANS. They are Americans first. On the other hand, some of the others expect America to adapt to them, not the other way around. Are we doomed to become a nation divided? Are our government and school officlals
    helping to divide us? It sure looks that way.

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