Nuff Said


From Marco Rubio, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida, in response to the nomination of a stealth Obama leftist to the supreme court.

My judicial philosophy is clear and it is consistent: I will only support judges who have demonstrated a convincing record of respect for the rule of law and respect for the Constitution.

Meaning that he will rightfully vote against anyone proposed by the Obama White House. That was easy. How about Scott Brown?

“I look forward to reviewing Elena Kagan’s qualifications for the Supreme Court. I am keeping an open mind on this nomination and hope the confirmation process will be fair, thorough and respectful.”

Hopefully keeping an “open mind” means he will oppose anyone offered up by the president.

I disagree with the group think from pundits like Jonathan Turley who predict that Kagan sails right through. The dearth of material on her beliefs, her vehement opposition to military recruiters at Harvard Law, and her insistence in the past that the Senate should give nominees a good grilling, combine to make her vulnerable.

Is the GOP up to the opportunity? For those looking at their right flanks with trepidation, now would be the time to prove their bona fides.

One Response to “Nuff Said”

  1. Let us be sure to watch who votes how and for whom.


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