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Stating Church


The socialists will use any tactic available to undo America – even enlisting the help of preachers to assist in illegally filling the country with more Democratic voters. Remember – the poor and uneducated vote for Democrats because they are paid to do so. That’s why liberals are so desperate to alter the demography of […]

Party On


He had a substantial lead not long ago, but now senator Arlen Specter is running behind his challenger in the Democratic primary. PA’s Congressman Joe Sestak has taken a five point lead over the old vanguard of Senator Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary, according to polling done by Rasmussen. You’ll recall that Specter switched […]

Spirit of 76


Democrats know that the things they want aren’t popular, so they usually look to make change without having to pass laws. When it became clear that congress would never pass Card Check, liberals went back to their normal approach. The National Mediation Board has overhauled a decades-old election rule to make it easier for airline […]

Imagine W.


George W. explores his inner socialist.

Too Early


Is it too early to call this the video of the day? The ad is the attempt of Rob Portman’s senate opponent, Lee Fisher, to turn his own shirtless moment into an advantage. Alright, it would be better if it contained the word “danged.” Would McCain be better off if he had taken his shirt […]

To Consider


Some things to consider… …from today’s Boston Globe: The economy needs a half million new jobs every month for the next four years, just to return to the prerecession unemployment rate of 2006. And that economy was nothing to brag about, with average wage growth lagging behind inflation since 2001. 500,000 jobs a month! Will […]

Things are still hot at Live Oaks High School outside of San Francisco, where last week the administration punished students for wearing patriotic clothing on Cinco de Mayo. The deliberate racial divisiveness of the Democrats is creating strife, and that strife gets the liberal base charged up.