To Consider


Some things to consider…

…from today’s Boston Globe:

The economy needs a half million new jobs every month for the next four years, just to return to the prerecession unemployment rate of 2006. And that economy was nothing to brag about, with average wage growth lagging behind inflation since 2001.

500,000 jobs a month! Will Elena Kagan get one of them? This is from a Globe editorial:

FOR ELENA KAGAN to emerge as a great Supreme Court justice, she will have to lay out a more expansive vision of the law than she has shown so far. Kagan has outstanding legal credentials, but so far lacks the passion of a crusader. She has a first-class judicial temperament, but so far lacks experience as a judge. She aspires to be a leader, but so far lacks a discernible agenda. Her tenure as dean of Harvard Law School suggests she’s most comfortable building consensus between ideological factions.

And a similar complaint from Globe parent the New York Times:

President Obama may know that his new nominee to the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, shares his thinking on the multitude of issues that face the court and the nation, but the public knows nothing of the kind. Whether by ambitious design or by habit of mind, Ms. Kagan has spent decades carefully husbanding her thoughts and shielding her philosophy from view.

The Times’ concern, of course, is that she may not be liberal enough.

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