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Not Swayed


The American people have faced the full force of liberal propaganda – it’s hard to imagine anyone not getting the message – the new immigration crackdown in Arizona is bigoted, racist and hateful. After this barrage, support must have dropped to single digits! Fully 73% say they approve of requiring people to produce documents verifying […]



David Horowitz offers another compelling moment on campus – this one at UC San Diego. It’s a little long – but stick it out. The payoff is incredible!



This guy is very entertaining. Conservative Ari David, running for the seat currently held by Henry Waxman in California, talks about his first SEIU meeting as a Republican candidate for Congress.

Before Scott Brown got elected to “The People’s Seat,” he was a state senator from Wrentham. The special election to fill that seat was held yesterday, and Democrats fought hard to take it. Giving the state GOP another boost as November elections approach, state Representative Richard Ross, a Wrentham Republican, last night won the state […]