ICY Vigilance


Just yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick (Lefty, Massachusetts) thought racism was the only possible motive for cracking down on illegal immigrants.

Governor Deval Patrick yesterday blasted Arizona’s new immigration law, accused his gubernatorial opponents of grandstanding on the issue, and said supporters of such crackdowns were “trying to invent a villain for political purposes.’’

Today, after federal authorities, including ICE, swept into Massachusetts to arrest alleged accomplices of the Time Square bomber, Deval was advocating the very behavior he so abhors, urging residents to “be vigilant, be aware of  your surroundings, and to report suspicious activity immediately to the police.”

At least two men were taken into custody as a result of the raids in Watertown and Brookline. The second man was picked up at the Doubletree Guest Suites Boston hotel in Allston. Authorities said they were being questioned about their immigration status, and have not been charged in relation to the bombing attempt.

It seems to me that the law in Arizona that the Governor bemoans is an attempt to be vigilant.

“Let me be clear: As long as I have anything to say about it, there’s not going to be an Arizona law in Massachusetts,’’ he said. “I can’t see such a thing passing our Legislature. But if it did, I would veto it.’’

While Deval’s near hopeless reelection bid gets a boost, as he gets to go on TV and play Governor, he also faces some tough attack ads highlighting his empathy for those who enter the country, and live here, illegally.

Sky News US correspondent Robert Nisbet said: “We understand that they are not facing criminal charges but certainly that two men of Pakistani origin are facing what are called ‘administrative charges’.

“It seems that one had overstayed his visa and another had flouted a deportation order.

Determined to win the votes of minorities by selling out the security of the country, politicians like Deval are happy to say, “Drivers license, anyone?” Is he inventing villains now, or are the villains – illegal aliens untraceable due to wimpy liberals – real?

“I used to go into that place a lot for lottery tickets,’’ Kranz said. “The people were very openly cordial and friendly.’’ But he is newly wary of people’s motives, Kranz said. “We don’t have the luxury of being foolish or reckless in this country anymore.’’

Will Deval, and the rest of the Leftists, get the message?

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