Killing Guns, Killing Jobs


Sarah Palin spoke to the NRA on Friday.

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said during a speech Friday that President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies would ban guns and ammunition if they could get away with it.

The former Alaska governor said in a speech to the National Rifle Association that political backlash is the only thing stopping Obama from gutting the Constitution’s right to bear arms.

Certainly, no one questions what Palin is saying. It’s so obvious, it hardly bears mentioning. What America needs instruction on is the true nature of the socialists. For example, what Nancy Pelosi said last week about health reform is far more incriminating than what Sarah Palin says about her.

“We see it as a entrepreneurial bill,” Pelosi said, “a bill that says to someone, if you want to be creative and be a musician or whatever, you can leave your work, focus on your talent, your skill, your passion, your aspirations because you will have health care.”

This is a wonderful thing – a Democrat admitting that they’ve created the most monstrous piece of social legislation in history with the hope that productive young people will leave their jobs in order to be wards of the state. We’ve always known this is where their hearts lie, but the Obama years are proving to be a treasure trove of such truth telling.

Killing guns, killing jobs, killing the Constitution… it’s all in a day’s work for the socialists.

One Response to “Killing Guns, Killing Jobs”

  1. Granny Pelosi hung herself with her own rope. You nailed it on letting people drift merrily along sticking the tab to those working stiffs too dumb to quit working. Loved her exhorting priests to preach her sermon on illegal immigrants like the guy who killed the Arizona rancher recently. Didn’t know she wants to start her own religion on government payroll. Let’s kill babies, let the illegal immigrant use guns against us, and take away our guns.

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