Paul Maul


Rand Paul, newly chosen as the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, should have known better than to go on the Rachel Maddow Show Wednesday night.

Rachel only wins if she can find a way to turn him into a racist. So she did. The socialists gain their sustenance provoking racial division, so that’s all they do.

Despite attempts to clarify his position, Senate Republican nominee Rand Paul has angered civil rights leaders and confused some supporters by getting involved in a contentious debate about whether the government overreached in its attempts to bar discrimination.

On the show, he argued that the government should not have interfered with the operations of private business — even to enforce civil rights — while emphasizing that he does not support discrimination. He has made similar statements to his hometown paper and to NPR but the lengthy Maddow interview took off online.

Brian Darling, director of Senate relations for the conservative Heritage Foundation, said Paul made a “political mistake” by talking about the Civil Rights Act with Maddow but that his position is “perfectly defensible.”

“He’s saying that private business should be able to make decisions on their own without the federal government telling them what they cannot do, and he believes that the Constitution mandates that the federal government has very limited powers, and he doesn’t believe that the government should be telling private business what it should do,” Darling said.

While Paul said nothing wrong, he made a rookie mistake by engaging in the conversation. There’s no upside to doing so, and tons of downside. Just like going on MSNBC.

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