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Off And Running


As expected, Andrew Cuomo is running for Governor of New York. When you listen to him itemize the problems the state faces, you have to wonder what anyone might want with another Democrat in power. “New York is upside down and backwards; high taxes and low performance,” said Cuomo. “My campaign is this simple: I […]

Baracko Lawless


Is the Obama administration a lawless regime? That certainly seems to be the case with regard to Arizona, which has passed a legal law that the White House seems to be ignoring. Charles Krauthammer makes the case. “[The Arizona law] is as legal a law as any other law in the land. And for the […]

No Reading


When my brother Doug was learning to read, he was befuddled by the highway abbreviation for North Reading as we drove by on Route 128. Doug figured out, eventually, that the sign was not a command – “Dad, how come there’s No Reading?” – but it’s amazing how many others didn’t. The first person who […]