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NOTE: In a shocker, the Massachusetts senate suddenly woke up and smelled the voters Thursday, passing legislation to crack down on freebies for illegals just one day after passing a watered down measure. Details at the end of this post. Why was President Calderon in the United States last week? Because so many of his […]

Stengel Sting


Where’s Charlie Gibson when you need him? We don’t need him, as it turns out, because there are editors at Time magazine who are also oblivious to big news stories. There was a classic moment on Morning Joe today when Mika Brzezinski asked Time editor Rick Stengel whether the magazine’s current issue contains anything about […]

Crashing Down


There’s talk at the White House of need for a new stimulus. Larry Summers, President Barack Obama’s top economic adviser, has asked Congress to “grit its teeth” and approve a fresh fiscal boost of $200bn to keep growth on track. “We are nearly 8m jobs short of normal employment. For millions of Americans the economic […]



Kids do the darndest things! This alleged two year old is said to smoke two packs a day. He cigarettes seem not to be curbing his appetite.

Judge a man by those judges he chooses to surround himself with. And in an outrageous case of judicial abuse, Judge Chatigny threatened to take away an attorney’s law license if the lawyer failed to appeal the death sentence of an eight-time murderer of girls and young women. The judge claimed the killer’s “sexual sadism” […]

Shout Out


What exactly does CNN find embarrassing?