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Not Ghandi


That was no Ghandi like crowd of peaceniks greeting the Israeli Defense Forces as they boarded the Marmara last week. A hardcore of 40 Turkish jihadis on board the Mavi Marmara was responsible for the violence that led to nine deaths and dozens of injuries on the flotilla taking aid to Gaza, the Israeli government […]

A year and a half ago, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick was doing robo-calls for her. Tomorrow, she cops a plea. Deval must be smiling. Dianne Wilkerson, a former state senator from Boston once seen as a rising political star, will plead guilty Thursday in her federal corruption case, averting a high-profile trial that was scheduled […]

Holy Christie!


This guy, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, is a dream – a mainstream conservative who boldly sticks to his belief and expresses those beliefs straight-up. The fragile peace between Gov. Chris Christie and the state’s teachers union ended today, five days after it began. The Christie administration submitted an application for up to $400 […]

Racing Engines


Liberals can’t help themselves – keeping racial tensions high in this country is vital to their electoral opportunities, so they stomp on the race nerve constantly. And they love generating racial suspicion where no sign of trouble can be seen. Here’s liberal stooge Sarah Silverman: “The entire Fox News Channel is a twenty-four-hour-a-day racism engine, […]