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Losing Health


Remember the Obama health destruction legislation? Americans are still liking it less all the time. Here are the results of a new poll from CNN. The poll suggests that most Americans continue to oppose the passage of the health care bill which Obama signed into law in April, although the public may be slightly more […]

For anyone who doubts that the president has devoted himself completely to solving the Gulf Oil Crisis since April 20, here’s proof that his focus has been absolute. From Gateway Pundit.

All Republicans should go on the attack against unions in general, and teachers unions specifically, the way the Governor of New Jersey is doing it. We know that there’s over five million children trapped in over ten thousand failing public schools around America, and I use the word trapped and I use it directly.  They […]

Would you strip this woman of her responsibilities?

You have to love this celebration of free speech. Even though protected by a group of police officers, it seemed one young man was in danger of being torn apart by the crowd. The L.A.P.D. had to establish a human wall to intervene to protect Daniel and a few Israel supporters who stood-up in opposition […]

Isn’t he just so transformational. Discontent with incumbents and anti-Washington anger are adding up to a potentially record-breaking crowd of congressional challengers this election year. More than 2,300 people are running for 471 House and Senate seats in the midterms. It’s the highest number of candidates in at least 35 years, according to data provided […]

Impeach Obama


Not everyone is warm to President Obama as he boards a bus following the rain out of his Memorial Day speech on Monday.

What’s a portrait of a liberal darling look like when you scrape off the top layer? Wilkerson, a native of Pine Bluff, Ark., raised herself up from poverty, burst onto the political scene as a crusading lawyer for the NAACP in Boston, and championed good government causes as a liberal legislative powerhouse and the lone […]