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Can someone tell me when inauguration day is? When does Barack Obama take over, put his own people in charge, and take responsibility for the operation of the government?

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON: George, the truth is, that right now we have precisely the regulatory system that the Bush-Cheney administration wanted. Full of loopholes, full of cronies and lobbyists filling the very agencies they’re supposed to be overseeing the industry.

WILL: So, it’s Bush’s fault? Just clear this up.

HUFFINGTON: It is absolutely a thousand percent Bush-Cheney’s fault, plus the fact that the Obama administration has not really done enough fast enough to change what’s happening at the MMS agency and all sorts of other administrations.

Well, wait a sec. If the Obama administration hasn’t done enough to change things at the regulatory agencies in question, that means it’s not 1000% the fault of Bush Cheney, and it means instead that Obama is to blame.

3 Responses to “Huff Puff”

  1. Two years after the election Bush-Cheney is at fault? Baloney!

    Ms Huffington is obviously promoting her agenda. One cannot call it pure leftist palaver coming from Huffington. She is guilty of unsubstantiated and fallacious thinking.

    I’ve got to see the whole tape. George Will looked like he was ready to unload on her.

    Thank you for this post.

  2. “Progressivism means never having to say you’re responsible.”

    Now, by continuing to blame President Bush for essentially anything negative in the US, western hemisphere, globe… (notice how Bush has yet to get a positive nod), the Lefties sound like petulant children. While this is very disappointing, it was totally predictable given their single-minded reliance on emotions and feelings.

    This should be a lesson for ANY thinking voter come November. Do you want whingey children running the country or responsible adults? Think before you ink – in the voting booth.

  3. 3 Kristin Priore

    I saw this live on “This Week” on Sunday. I nearly fell off my chair! COME ON, REALLY? STILL blaming W and Cheney?

    When Obama recommends reading “The Huffington Post” blog during a speech (I do recall this recently), you know she is in the tank for him. UGH!

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