Reid Angle


Today is the busiest day of elections we’ll have till November.

One biggie is in Nevada, where Majority Leader Harry Reid is struggling in the polls against every potential Republican. But Tea Party conservative Sharron Angle is said to be the one Reid wants most to face.

…Angle is unapologetic about her conservative beliefs: her campaign website says she’s for abolishing the Department of Education and withdrawing from the United Nations. She’s been linked by her opponents to Scientology.

These are beliefs that are called extreme, but are supported by large numbers of registered Republicans and Independents.

Her primary rivals, Danny Tarkanian and Sue Lowden, have attempted to make the electability case, arguing that Angle will be defined as extreme, and she will be the reason the GOP fails to unseat Reid.

Lowden was long viewed as the shoe-in for the seat, but Angle has recently pulled into the lead.

Polls suggest Angle, who has the backing of the Tea Party Express and the Club for Growth, is the one to beat in the GOP primary… A recent Daily Kos poll has Angle at 34 percent, followed by Lowden’s 25 percent and Tarkanian’s 24 percent.

Another poll, conducted by Suffolk University, shows things a bit closer, but still with Angle in the lead and Lowden running third.

The new poll shows Mrs. Angle at 33 percent, followed by Las Vegas businessman Danny Tarkanian at 26 percent and former Mrs. Lowden, a former Nevada state senator, with 25 percent. Several other GOP primary candidates came in at 4 percent or less.

All of the Republicans are polling well against Harry Reid.

In the broad statewide survey of 625 registered voters who said they were likely to vote, here’s how the GOP candidates fared against Reid:

■ Tarkanian 46 percent to 39 percent for Reid.

■ Angle 44 percent to 41 percent for Reid.

■ Lowden 41 percent to 42 percent for Reid.

It’s not a happy place for Reid to be in general, but as unpopular as the majority leader is, these numbers must have his team feeling pretty upbeat – particularly since he has $9 million in the bank and is expected to spend $20 million overall in the fight to keep his seat.

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