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Republican Gubernatorial nominee Charlie Baker has rolled out his first ad in the campaign to unseat Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. The ad is needed. Polls have shown Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat, building a lead over Baker, even though voters appear to be giving the incumbent’s performance mixed reviews. But Baker’s biggest gap comes in […]

Nasty Love


How is it possible that a liberal congressman, filled with love and compassion, assaults an innocent kid with a video camera? Must be because he’d had a long day of empathy. After questioning Etheridge on whether he supports the “Obama agenda,” the North Carolina Democrat demanded to know who the students were. The interviewer said […]

Who’s Extreme


Even though the media likes to portray Republicans as the party of extremes, the American people somehow cut through the flack and see the truth. Nearly half of Americans now believe the Democratic Party is too liberal, while some see the Republican Party as slightly more moderate than it was just two years ago. Gallup‘s […]

Yes He Did


What, you didn’t know that “Hope & Change” was code for continue the war policies of George W. Bush? He wasn’t trying to be mean spirited or anything – he was just…. lying.

What’s up with the Congressman – does he not get a dose of compassion until he gets to the Capital? North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-Lillington) apologized Monday after a conservative blogger posted video on YouTube showing him in a confrontation with men carrying cameras on a Washington D.C. street. “I have seen the video […]

Empathy Bombs


Harry Reid, much loathed in Nevada, is only down 11 points in the general election, launched last week when Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle became the Republican nominee. He’s already unleashing on Angle. Reid has about $9 million dollars on hand, and is expected to spend $20 million before the campaign is over. Can Angle […]

Kick Ass Prez


A kick butt musical rendition of the tough guy in charge.